This Gym’s Body-Positive Campaign Will Make You Smile


Sometimes walking into the gym feels like you’re interrupting a meeting of Greek gods and goddesses. (So this is where the beautiful people hang.) That’s why we’re such fans of this Blink Fitness commercial, which shows real people with booties and bellies enjoying their workouts. It’s a far cry from the sexy, sweaty ads from Blink’s parent company, Equinox. (A virtually naked male model handcuffed to a radiator—where can we take that class?)

Blink isn’t the first gym to use real people having fun working out as a selling point. Crunch recently released a “no judgments” campaign, and Planet Fitness is famous for saying “no gymtimidation, no lunks.” But this video feels like a step further, one closely aligned with the body positivity movement. And we can’t help but smile at the clever wordplay of “every body happy.”

What do you think?