Tomato-Basil Quiche with Bacon and Spinach


Every week our friends at Further Food develop healthy recipes exclusively for our readers. This easy tomato-basil quiche with bacon and spinach was created for Aruna K., who has been searching for delicious diabetic-friendly recipes. It makes a fantastic breakfast or brunch dish, but it’s also satisfying for lunch or dinner.Quiche-Ingredients-SmallShareTweetPlusPin

The eggs alone provide a slew of nutrients including vitamins A, B, phosphorus, selenium and folate, as well as protein to help build muscle mass, lower blood pressure, and optimize bone health. The spinach and tomatoes are packed with vitamin C, which promotes bone health, provides cardiovascular benefits and decreases cancer risk.Quiche-Sliced-SmallShareTweetPlusPin

Photos by Grace Stufkosky

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