What I’m Loving Lately

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Hey friends! I haven’t done a what I’m loving lately post in awhile so I thought it might be fun to kick off the weekend with one since I have a random variety of topics for you all today. :)

1) DC Cherry Blossoms!

Obviously the cherry blossoms win #1 spot for things I’m loving lately. 😉 So gorgeous! If you missed yesterday’s post with all my sunrise cherry blossom running photos, go look!

sunrise cherry blossoms dc

The ladies and I are doing one last long run tomorrow in preparation of the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler (<—last year’s recap) next weekend, and we might try to swing by the tidal basin again to see how the blossoms are progressing. We’ll see – I’m sure it will be a mob scene by late morning, though!

I really hope some of the blossoms stick around for the race!

2) Dining al Fresco

Being able to…

What do you think?