When #Science Gets Into the Wrong Hands

Source: http://evolutiontucson.com/whensciencegoeswrong/

Fitness trends come and go and over the past 20+ years I have been a part of and experienced most of them.  The past few years there has been a movement  of promoting the “science” of training, backed by research and University studies. Drop the Science of something in a blog, conversation or more importantly a sales pitch and you win instant credibility (to the naive). Science and research can be extremely beneficial  when applied correctly in the fitness / strength and conditioning field and there is large amounts of it available. Having said all of this there is a lot of skill in learning how to apply the “science” and understanding when good judgement and experience trump what research says about a specific concept.


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Recently, I shopped another gym to see what type of programs they offered.  They drop the #science word a lot so I figured it was worth looking into. As a gym owner, staying connected to the industry is crucial if I want to stay on top of my game giving my clients the best overall experience. The gym I chose to visit promotes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training ) and EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Consumption) as the science buzz words of choice. In theory high intensity bouts of conditioning will have increase…

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