4 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Brand and Eliminate the Competition

Source: http://www.theptdc.com/2016/04/improve-your-fitness-marketing-and-branding-with-the-usp-principle/

Nowadays you can open up any social media app and instantly scroll through hundreds of popular fitness professionals and models with their picture-perfect abs and finely chiseled muscles. But for every hot, airbrushed bod, there’s an ever-growing opportunity for a serious professional like yourself to make a difference in the world…and be rewarded for it.

The first step is to discover who you are. In this industry, that is. You have to identify what makes you and your services unique because when you do, you essentially make the competition irrelevant. Here’s what you do.

1. Avoid being a knock-off trainer

CopycatAs you discover yourself and your calling, it’s so easy to see someone’s awesome pictures and videos and want to be just like them. Sure, it’s okay to be inspired by other trainers and learn from what they’re best at, but copying them straight up is career suicide. Why?

A copycat is second-rate at best: Copying another trainer’s workouts, website, personal style and marketing will just render you a second-rate version of the original. (Plus, that can be considered plagiarism.)

Clients are smarter than you think: Potential clients usually follow more than one professional on social me…

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