A Sweet Charoset Recipe

Source: http://www.sonima.com/food/sweet-charoset-recipe/

It’s the rituals of remembrance I love best, the breath of tradition passed from family member to family member, an unbroken thread of sense memory and heart. So it is, even in the telling of a story as complex and tragic as that of Passover—the symbolism of each food at seder awakens sweetness within. An offering of lamb shank, salted water and bitter herbs to symbolize the tears and hardship of the enslaved, an egg for rebirth, and charoset as the bricks and mortar the Jews used in their work. 


Charoset, for me, has always been something closer to a celebration: Sweet apples, red wine, and spices. We add a drizzle of honey in my family, and because I’m always on the hunt for balanced flavor, a touch of sea salt to finish it all off. While this is a perfectly acceptable pesach dinner accompaniment, it’s also wonderful eaten on its own at any time of year. prep-charoset-sonima-kale-caramelShareTweetPlusPin

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