How to Make Friends Even When You're #Awkward


If you wanted to do well in school, you asked a teacher for help. The same principle applies if you’re practicing sports, learning instruments, or even making friends. In this video from BuzzFeed, a self-described awkard guy hires a life coach to help him get better at making friends. The best part? The video offers several helpful tips and challenges anyone can use to kick-start their social life:

Pro Tips: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get it right the first time. Becoming more social doesn’t have to mean becoming someone else. How the conversation goes isn’t your responsibility. Common interests are the foundation to any relationship. Trading information is key to a good conversation. Focusing on the other person gives you the freedom to feel less self-conscious. Challenges: Talk to someone new every day. Get to know your friend crush. Buy a drink for a stranger at a bar. Hang out with a guest in your apartment. …

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