Podcast 018 | Writing

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By Joshua Fields Millburn · Follow: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram

In this episode of The Minimalists Podcast, Joshua Fields Millburn discusses writing tips and best practices, and he answers the following questions he commonly receives regarding writing:

How did you become a successful writer?
What daily habits help you improve as a writer?
How do you keep your inner editor from interfering with your inner creator when you write?
What writing app do you use?
What books about writing do you recommend?



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Mentioned in This Episode

App: Scrivener for Mac
App: Scrivener for PC
Book: As A Decade Fades
Book: Bird by Bird
Book: Essential
Book: Everything That Remains
Book: How to Publish an Indie Book
Book: Knockemstiff
Book: Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life
Book: The Devil All the Time
Book: Write Tight
Essay: Finding Your Writing Voice
Essay: How to Start a Successful Blog Today
Event: How to Write Better
Event: Tuesdays with The Minimalists
Meetup: Minimalist.org
Recommendation: Garner’s Modern American Usage
Recommendation: Grammatically Correct
Website: Draft
Tour: Minimalism Documentary

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