Ritual Inspiration: Entrepreneur Doug Evans

Source: http://www.sonima.com/meditation/mindful-living/doug-evans/

One could safely say that Doug Evans has invented the world’s most advanced home juicer. At $699, it’s also the most expensive. For this price tag you get a product that’s Wi-Fi enabled, requires zero clean-up (thanks to the accompanying pouches of fresh fruit and vegetables that have prompted some to call it the “Keurig of juicers”), an app to manage the ordering, delivery, and freshness of said pouches (which cost $4 to $10, and unlike k-cups are recyclable), and a steady stream of cold-pressed organic juice at your fingertips. Juicero launched on March 31 in California.

Such an elaborate piece of machinery could only come to exist at the hands of someone really serious about juicing. Evans, a passionate vegan and yoga practitioner, is the former CEO of New York-based juice brand Organic Avenue. After Evans and his partner Denise Mari, sold a majority of Organic Avenue to an investment firm in 2013, Evans was let go from the company and he found himself at a loss of how to easily make quality cold-pressed juices at home. What started with a combustible prototype in his Brooklyn kitchen evolved into a product backed by $120 million in investments and a mission to reinvent the way people consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Here, we talk to Evans about his journey and what drives him personally and professionally.

You’re very vocal about your passion for juicing and you’ve even bui…

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