Working Out Shouldn’t Hurt and Your Diet Shouldn’t be Miserable


working out shouldn't hurt and your diet shouldn't be miserable

How you eat and move your body should make you feel good about yourself and make your life better. Fitness should not cause pain, and your diet shouldn’t rule your life.

Seriously, what the hell is going on?

It seems like more than ever I hear people talk about how “brutally sore they are” and how “everything hurts.”

Despite causing pain, people continue to perform workouts that hurt. Hell, some people are treating pain like it’s a badge of honor (It almost killed me and it hurts to walk, but I did it!).

I can’t believe this actually needs to be said: your workouts should not hurt. They should not cause you pain. If you’re constantly in pain from your workouts, something is wrong and needs to be addressed immediately.

I’ve had this same conversation with several men over the years (especially when I worked in a commercial gym).

“Damn my shoulder is killing me. Every time I bench press it gets worse. Any ideas what I should do?”

“Since you asked: first, you need to stop performing the barbell bench press. Second –.”


“Excuse me?”

“No. I’m not going to stop benching.”


What do you think?