A Hip-Opening Yoga Sequence for Mothers

Source: http://www.sonima.com/yoga/hip-opening/

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In this sweet 18-minute yoga practice, you’ll experience simple, exquisite, accessible postures brilliantly strung together to unwind the body to leave you feeling grounded and refreshed. Focusing on hips and hamstrings, there are no Chaturangas, or even Downward-Facing Dogs to give your wrists a break. This is the type of practice that a raw beginner could tackle, an experienced practitioner could use to explore her body, and a mother could do while her kids crawl all over her. You’ll use conscious tension within the practice to ultimately create more openness and freedom. 

If you’re in need of further restoration, please enjoy this simple practice made with mamas in mind.

Photos by Chloe Crespi ; Outfitted by Lolë Women

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