A Low-Impact Barre Workout That Targets Your Core and Butt

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Despite the fact that barre workouts are inspired by ballet, you definitely don’t have to be a dancer to do them. This low-impact sequence doesn’t feature any complicated choreography or rhythmic footwork like Zumba®. Instead, it’s made up of very small, simple movements that will strengthen your core and butt. It’s short (only 21 minutes), effective, and easy to follow.

Barre instructor Stephanie Villegas starts off with an easy warm-up to loosen muscles and prime your spine. Then you’ll work on tiny, controlled moves, including leg lifts, pulses, and clam shells. They might not look like much, but they’ll really work your muscles. You might shake or quiver, but that’s totally normal—and Villegas builds in a few stretches throughout the sequence for some quick relief.

You’ll need one lightweight dumbbell between 3 and 5 pounds and a chair or countertop for support. A yoga mat is optional.

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