A Simple Yoga Sequence to Wake Up The Body

Source: http://www.sonima.com/yoga/yoga-to-wake-the-body/

I wake up my body in the morning the same way like to begin my yoga practice. The sequence is simple, spherical, and it opens up the spine, pelvis, shoulders, and neck. It’s easy to dial it up or down, which makes it versatile and something you can easily commit to every day.  Let it feel natural and organic for your body and your context, so allow yourself to veer on and off the path in whatever way you need.

Spinal Circles


Sit in a comfortable, cross-legged seat with your hands on your knees. Start to “stir the pot” using your hands for leverage and control. Make big or small circles moving from pubic bone, to sitz bone, to tailbone, to the other sitz bone.  After a few moments circling in one direction, switch.  Feel that you are massaging your organs and starting to unlock the sacral plate. Imagine your torso as a bowl and you mind becomes the big wooden spoon mixing everything up.

Arms Up Spinal Circles


Reach your arms up,…

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