Meet the Woman Who Started Curvy Yoga Before You Saw It on Instagram


When Anna Guest-Jelley, the founder of Curvy Yoga, went to college, she had just come off the tail end of a year of chronic migraines. During her last year of high school she suffered from migraines every single day. After trying what seemed to her like, “every single drug on the market,” she finally landed on one that slightly lessened the intensity of her experience. Still, the frequent migraines and general discomfort made her feel completely out of control when it came to her body. “I felt like the state of my health was at the whims of whatever medicine was available, which made me feel completely disempowered,” she says.

In the late 90s, as a freshman in college, she began to do research into alternative forms of healing. She began to learn about biofeedback, which led her towards meditation. Eventually Guest-Jelley began practicing yoga, and years later she is an internationally renowned instructor, who leads teacher trainings annually. Guest-Jelley teaches a form of yoga called Curvy Yoga, her own invention, which is an inclusive form of yoga that offers smart cuing and sensitive assists that are body-positive and comfortable for bigger-bodied yogis. We spent some time with Guest-Jelley to hear more about her inspiration, her struggles, and her hopes for the future.

What first drew you to yoga?

I actually started my yoga classes via meditation. I started with guided visualization and meditation kind of blended together and I wo…

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