See Sonia Jones’ New Children’s Book About the Power and Fun of Yoga


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YOGA POGA SHMOGA! is an endearing story about the resiliency of a sibling relationship, tested when Mitzi chooses to practice yoga with her friends instead of hanging out with her younger brother, Axel. Feeling left out, Axel scorns his sister’s new activity with his dismissive catch phrase, “Yoga Poga Shmoga!” When his sister offers him his own yoga mat, Axel gives in, imagining his yoga mat as a magic carpet and on it, learns some yoga poses. He is soon reveling in the calming, joyous nature of yoga and inspires their whole neighborhood to practice in unison.

Written by wellness advocate and founder of, Sonia Jones, and illustrated by acclaimed artist Todd Dakins, YOGA POGA SHMOGA! dives headfirst into the power and fun of yoga, showing how it takes one person to open a world of mindfulness to the larger community. Yoga for children has gained popularity in recent years. 3.1% of American children now practice yoga, which has been shown to reduce stress, help focus and build self-esteem in children.

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