Sweet, Sweet Strawberries

Source: http://refineryfitnesspdx.com/sweet-sweet-strawberries/


I am so excited because Hood Strawberries are starting to appear in the local Farmer’s Markets.  These are  tiny bombs of sweet, tasty goodness that only last for a short time each year here in the Northwest.  When they hit, I feel I have to squeeze them into my diet anyway I can.  Strawberries are an excellent source of anti-oxidants and regular consumption of strawberries has been shown to decrease chronic inflammation in the body and help with blood sugar balance.  Strawberries are a low GI food loaded with Vitamin C, manganese and fiber.  Their high Vitamin C content is thought to be helpful in boosting immunity and fighting cancer.  Their high fiber and water content is excellent for fighting constipation.  With all these incredible health benefits, it seems important to sneak as many of these health boosters into your diet as possible.

One way to take advantage of all of the amazing health benefits is through making a Strawberry Nut Milk.  I have seen recipes for all sorts of different nut milks but started tinkering in my kitchen until I arrived at this particular combination to sneak in more strawberries.  Making nut milks is easy but takes a little planning because you have to soak the nuts over night befor…

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