The Get Fit For Summer Exercise Challenge


By Leo Babauta

I’m a big fan of exercise challenges.

I’ve used challenges to change my health and fitness habits, including:

Pushup challenges with my wife & kids
Burpee challenge with a friend
Online group exercise challenges
Workout and diet challenges with my wife (we got rewards if we stuck to the challenge)
Accountability challenges for eating

There have been many, actually, and they always get me motivated to get off my butt and get going. Sometimes that’s the push you need to get over the initial resistance.

So I’m issuing a challenge to all of you, to help you overcome your resistance.

Are you ready?

Here’s the challenge:

Commit to doing some kind of exercise for just 5-10 minutes a day (to start with), for 6 weeks. Make a big commitment in your mind.
Tell someone about it. Or many people.
Do it for 10 minutes a day, trying to be mindful during the exercise and focusing on enjoying it with gratitude.
Keep a simple log each day of the exercise you did.
At the end of each week, write a 5-10-sentence journal entry about how the week went, reviewing your successes and failures. Share it with someone (email, etc.).
If you were consistent the previous week, increase your exercise by 2 minutes for the next week, otherwise stay the same or shorten it.

So just make a commitment to yourself and others to stick to small daily exercise for six weeks, and keep a log. Will you be super fit after these 6 …

What do you think?