The Perfect Fish Tacos


To me fish tacos might just be the perfect food—a healthy protein topped with lots of crunchy veggies all wrapped in a corn tortilla. More often than not, you will see fish tacos served with fried fish. Don’t get me wrong, fried foods are delicious, but I feel like fried fish makes this meal too heavy. Instead I like to toss my fish in lots of flavorful herbs and spices then sauté it on the stovetop.

One of the most important parts of this recipe is the quality of the fish. Make sure to buy good quality fish. Ask your local fishmonger or fish counter at the grocery store to recommend a type of fish if halibut or cod is unavailable. I like flaky white fish in this dish because it is the most neutral tasting. Also feel free to substitute peeled and deveined shrimp for the fish.

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