This Is the Type of Person You Should Be Dating (It's Science!)


Whether or not we like to admit it, most of us have a type. As this video from Bustle explains, our types are determined by lot more than physical characteristics. One theory is that our brain chemistry affects whom we’re attracted to. Researchers organized our types into four categories based on what kind of chemical we express the most:

Dopamine: Explorers (risky and impulsive) Serotonin: Builders (calm and community oriented) Testosterone: Directors (analytical and tough minded) Estrogen: Negotiators (positive and empathetic)

If you’re an explorer, chances are you’re attracted to other explorers. Same goes for builders. Directors tend to be attracted to negotiators since they balance each other out. But it’s not exactly that simple. There are also other factors (hello, emotional needs!) at play.

Tired of your type? It’s not all bad news. Think of your love life like a fairy tale—how did it begin, who were the characters, why didn’t it end happily ever after?—so you can try to figure out the pattern that didn’t work and avoid it next time.

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