Toasted Grain Pesto Bowl with Kale & Feta


The scent of brown rice cooking will forever mean warmth and comfort to me—it’s the dish my preschool teacher would make just before nap time, the dish whose scent sang me a daily lullaby. Today, I still find warm grains deeply restorative—they’re the quick food I turn to when I have minimal time and want maximal flavor and nutrition. There are few things more nourishing than a meal built on a foundation of truly whole foods. toasted-farroShareTweetPlusPin

Though my grain dressings often run wildly simple (tahini, olive oil, Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, and spirulina is a favorite), I take every opportunity I can to gussy up a bowl. And, given a few extra minutes, the luxury of toasting grains before cooking them elevates the dish to an entirely new flavor profile. This toasted grain bowl uses the power of toasting to expand and enliven the inherent nuttiness of whole grains, and pairs that depth with the bright flavors of a nut-free pesto. 


Topped with gently massaged kale, feta, and generous hands of lemon and b…

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