Vegan Strawberry Lemon Streusel Cake


In the wash of time, memory tethers us to buoys of emotion. We remember the moments we feel most deeply, and where, and how, and with whom. This began with the human we lived with most closely for at least the first nine months of our lives: Our mothers. We build the palace of our memory, our minds, and our emotional selves, from the beginning point of our maternal figure. strawberries-lemonShareTweetPlusPin

This weekend, we celebrate mothers everywhere with Mother’s Day. Though, as a motherless daughter, the holiday brings up deep complexities for me, it’s easy for me to honor the beauty of mother figures everywhere. This simple vegan crumb cake is the perfect way to celebrate the mother figure in your life, or honor the mother within. Layered with a thick layer of almond cardamom streusel, it’s tangy, sweet, and exquisitely scented with cardamom and lemon zest.strawberry-lemon-crumb-cake-batterShareTweetPlusPin

Without any processed sugars, this cake is as delicious for breakfast or brunch as it is for des…

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