When Life Hands You Problems, Use This Flowchart

Source: http://www.niashanks.com/life-problems/

life gives you problems and this flowchart has the solutionsEver wish there was a simple chart that could help you solve many of life’s problems? Wish no more; here’s a flowchart you can use to solve many of your problems.

Life is packed with complicated messes. Clean one up and two more will replace it.

Ahh, life. She can be exuberant, beautiful, and magnificent. But she can also be filthy, confusing, and laden with choices and problems.

Complicated as life can be, there are instances that are made unnecessarily complicated. Heck, some people make things more convoluted than they need to be to stroke their ego and sound superior. If they make something appear incredibly complex — something you can’t possibly figure out on your own — you’ll have no choice but to surrender to their superior knowledge and expertise.

Health and fitness, saving for retirement and investing, learning new skills, you name it and there’s someone (or lots of someones) out there saying if you want to be successful then you must follow their plan without deviation.

As it turns out, many things in life aren’t nearly as complicated as some want you to believe. There are problems we face each day, for example, that have an incredibly simple solution. That is w…

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