Your beliefs are wrong. Are you willing to change?


“Your opinion is irrelevant! I’m correct! Look at this study!”

Whether it’s Paleo vs Vegetarian, Stretching vs Mobility, Fat vs Carbs, Cardio vs Strength, Star Trek vs Star Wars, or Captain America vs Iron Man, we all have belief systems that cause us to accept certain ideas and immediately discredit others.

Go to any article on any of the subjects above and spend five minutes in the comment section, and you’ll see people either championing the article or skewering it and destroying the other side.

Can both sides be right? Can both sides be wrong? Why is it that whenever we read something that goes against what we say, we stick our heads in the sand, ostrich-style, and discredit it, only to turn around and proudly share any news that reaffirms our beliefs?

Would you be able to recognize when you held a wrong belief? Do you have the clarity to hold strong when you are in fact, right?

Gaining the right mindset to discern what’s real from what’s BS requires us to admit two big things to ourselves:

I don’t know shit.
Nobody else knows shit either!

Nobody knows nothin’


Throughout history, everything we know and have learned generally builds on the work of others before us. 


What do you think?