4 Keys To Getting In The Zone [512]

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Flow state. The zone. Those special moments when you feel like you’re able to just let go and do. It’s the feeling of being fully immersed in the activity. You’re able to perform naturally and with ease. You’re totally wrapped up in the moment, and time seems to pause or fall away.

Have you ever been there? Where something just feels spot on? Where everything is clicking and your body is just doing and it feels surreal yet incredible?

“Flow state” is achieved when certain variables all come together. It’s a magical experience and it’s rare to feel totally “in the zone.”

4 Keys To Getting in The Zone

1. Do something you’re incredibly passionate about that really matters to you. This way the activity you’re doing is intrinsically rewarding and you’re receiving the benefits by participating. When you’re excited about the opportunity and enjoying yourself, you’ll  If you’re doing it to appease someone else or because you feel you “should,” it’s less likely you’ll get in the zone.

2. Prep your mind before you start. Remind yourself why you’re doing it, what you want out of it, and what you gotta do to perform well and enjoy yourself. This way your attent…

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