6 Little Ways to Feel More Confident Every Day

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No Regrets With Susie Moore One afternoon, I received an email that thrilled me for a second—and then completely terrified me for 20 minutes. A radio host had asked me to speak on his show about charisma and how politicians manipulate it. Do I know a little about charisma? Sure, I’ve written about it. Am I an expert in politics? No way.

This is just one example of the many times I’ve been plagued by self-doubt—and I’m a confidence coach. The irony isn’t lost on me. In fact, there are plenty of moments (even days) when I don’t feel “good enough.”

Getting down on ourselves is a common feeling we all experience. While some low points are imminent, there are ways to limit these moments and keep fear at bay when you feel it expanding within your chest. Below are six tricks I’ve learned that boost my self-confidence in a heartbeat.

Psych Yourself Up—Stat

1. Just say "yes."

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