Caramelized Onion & Lentil Veggie Burgers


As we lean into the start of summer, I’m craving food that is juicy, delectable, easy, and fun. I want meals that lend themselves to the joy of the party, rather than becoming the main event, as is so often the case around holidays in the colder months. Watermelon, popsicles, vibrant salads, ice cream, and, yes, veggie burgers.

Raised a vegetarian, I have long held a very special place in my heart for veggie burgers. I remember the first, epic GardenBurger I tried, the way its savory blend paired so perfectly with melted cheese, avocado, dill pickles, and tangy ketchup. I’ve tried many a veggie burger since then, and have come to appreciate those that stay vegetable-centric while hitting as many umami notes as possible.

These burgers, made of earthy lentils, rich caramelized onions, brown rice, sautéed mushrooms, smoked paprika, and shredded mozzarella, are the perfect answer to every summer barbecue.

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