Grow Your Business By Effectively Applying Knowledge From Fitness Conventions


My continued personal development and professional education as a trainer are important to me, as I’m sure they are for you. One way I continue to develop my knowledge and skills is to attend conferences, conventions, and seminars–you know, places where some of the brightest minds share their knowledge for you to absorb like a sponge.

So I’d attend conferences and conventions, one after another, until I had stacks of legal pads full of notes and ideas. I thought I was making a solid investment, but there was a problem: I never did anything with them.

I missed out on opportunities to improve. I had all of these ideas, but having no follow-through was making me waste time and money.

Then I realized what was holding me back: It was a case of having too much information all at once, with no plan for putting knowledge into action. After all, there’s a difference between knowing something and actually doing it. So, I finally figured out a way to act on these ideas.

1. It starts at the educational venue.

Wherever you are–a conference, seminar, a class, whatever–take great notes by focusing on what really matters, as opposed to transcribing the presentation verbatim. Use keywords and short phrases written in your own words to improve efficiency.

What do you think?