Stop Client Excuses and Change Their Mindset to Help Them Succeed


One of the biggest battles facing personal trainers and coaches has to do with how our clients’ brains work.  We’ve all seen how our clients can spin an impressive array of excuses to keep from holding themselves accountable to their progress. We know these are loopholes in their logic that stunt their progress. Thus, with a better understanding of where their common excuses come from or their ways of thinking, we can help clients overcome these faulty rationalizations and get them on the path to more and better progress.

As coaches, our job isn’t so much to call BS on our clients as it is to empower them to firmly, yet gently call BS on themselves. The first step is to create an awareness that these mindset problems exist and that they’re very common. Here are the five most common “mind traps” that veer your clients off track, and what to do about them.

Client Mind Trap 1: “I’ll start tomorrow.”

We think we have infinite amounts of time to complete all of the things we want to accomplish. This, of course, leads your clients to the notorious “I’ll start tomorrow” rationale. This stems from misconceptions about time.

Yummy cheesecake when they’re trying to lose fat? Start the diet tomorrow. Get to the gym? Not when Netflix beckons.

This is the source of procrastinati…

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