The Most Common Indoor Cycling Mistakes


You already know how to set up your bike like a pro. Now it’s time to ride like one.

We asked Wil Ashley, cycling instructor and Equinox trainer, to reenact the mistakes he frequently spots in class. Bad form doesn’t just feel weird; it can lead to a sore lower back or extra-tense shoulders. Basically, you’re not doing your body any favors.

Below Ashley demonstrates those mistakes, plus the proper way to ride in the most common positions.

How to Ride Properly in Every Position

There are 3 main positions that most instructors will rotate through. The outline below should be used as a general guide, since variations do exist. Master each one to ace your next class.

Position 1

Riding In The Saddle

Place hands where the brakes would be on a regular bike (also known as the hoods), Ashley says. As another variation, you can place hands on the middle of the handlebars. Sit on the saddle and allow torso to hinge forward n…

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