The Ultimate Lift Like a Girl Workout Template


the ultimate lift like a girl workout templateIntroducing one of the most versatile and effective strength training workout templates.

While this ultimate Lift Like a Girl workout template shouldn’t be labeled as a holy grail or top secret program (because, as you know, no such thing exists), it is beautifully effective and versatile. Use this template and follow the accompanying guidelines and you’ll definitely achieve some incredible results.

What Is The Ultimate Lift Like a Girl Template?

Great question. At its core it’s about simplicity. Not “simple” for the sake of being simple, but because it’s wonderful for those who want to get in the gym, work hard, and then get out and get on with their lives.

The longer I’m in the health and fitness world, the more I appreciate the beauty and effectiveness of simplicity. Far too often, many people complicate the hell out of working out. You see people with spreadsheets, calculators, and heart monitors and it takes them half an hour just to set up their workout.

Strength training does not need to be that complicated. (Please note: competitive athletes do require specialized training. This template is meant for trainees who want to look good and feel great without spending a ton of time working…

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