Weekend reading: Science & Nutrition Research

Source: http://www.foodpolitics.com/2016/06/weekend-reading-science-nutrition-research/

I’ve just started getting a new Science and Research newsletter from William Reed: Informing Business Growth.

Some of the listings focus on dietary patterns or emerging microbiome research:

High-carb meals better in curbing appetite amongst the obese: Study: Foods high in carbohydrates may help promote better short-term appetite control than high-fat foods, a nutritional study has revealed. .. Read
CVD prevention strategies should focus on eating more ‘good’ foods, not avoiding ‘bad’ foods: Greater consumption of foods found in the Mediterranean diet may be more important for prevention of heart disease and strokes than avoidance of ‘unhealthy’ processed foods, a new study finds. .. Read
3 years, 3 countries, 222 children: Big gut data tracks impact of hygiene on microbiome Gut microbiome development in the early stages of life may explain the rise in autoimmune diseases such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis, a study reports.  .. Read
Crowdsourcing control: Don’t make it a free for all, warn researchers: With momentum building for crowdsourcing and funding as a platform for nutrition research, scientists warn that greater control may be needed to safeguard the quality and validity of such studies. .. Read
Gut flora composition linked to health, diet, and lifestyle, pioneering population study reveals: In one of the first population-wide studies on gut flora variation, a distinct link between gut bacteria and health, diet, and lif…

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