Why We Have Heroes (And How to Become Your Own)

Source: http://www.niashanks.com/heroes-become-your-own/

why we have heroes and how to become your ownOne reason we have heroes is because we admire their actions and characteristics that we assume we could never do or possess. After all, if those characteristics were common, there wouldn’t be heroes because everyone would do the right things. The challenging things. The, often, unpopular things.

Our heroes are not flawless or perfect, but that certainly doesn’t stop us from looking up to them. We admire them because despite facing adversity, grave tragedies, daunting setbacks, they don’t stop. They don’t give up. They refuse to accept defeat.

As the poet Dylan Thomas said, our heroes do not go gentle into that good night; they rage against the dying of the light.

They most certainly have moments of weakness and even ask, What’s the point? when facing yet another perilous situation. Our heroes, despite what some believe, are not fearless; they feel fear the same as a coward, but they act anyway. And that is why they are our heroes.

Where most turn back, they charge forward. When others quit, they knuckle down. When many accept failure as their ultimate defeat, they learn and become even better. When some place the blame on others, they admit their mistakes and commit to learning from them. When …

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