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By Joshua Fields Millburn · Follow: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram

Surprisingly, one of the most frequent questions we get at The Minimalists isn’t about minimalism—it’s “How did you start your blog?” We always point people to this detailed blog post: How to Start a Blog: Step by Step.

The most important advice I can give, though, isn’t the how-to—it’s the why-to. Starting our blog was the best decision Ryan and I ever made, because it encouraged us to express ourselves and communicate our story with the world. It kept us accountable, it helped us improve our writing skills, and, perhaps most important, it allowed us to contribute beyond ourselves in a meaningful way.

The other bit of advice I wish I’d received before we started this blog—before writing hundreds of essays, before publishing three books, before filming a documentary, before reaching millions of people with our simple-living message—is start today. Don’t wait! If you continue to put off something meaningful—if you continue to wait for “someday” to arrive—you’ll miss out on today’s meaningful creation.

Over the last six years, my life has changed several times over. This blog was the catalyst for all of tho…

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