Stop Talking About Your App Idea and Actually Build It


youridea1I’m going to tell you a mind-blowing secret. You ready?

Here it goes.

Your idea isn’t worth a damn thing.  

Sorry to be blunt, but it’s true. It isn’t worth a thing. Nothing. Nada.

People don’t buy ideas; they buy products. Product can have a number of definitions, but apart from a few successful serial entrepreneurs, it sure as hell isn’t an idea. 

Facebook is a product. Evernote is a product. SnapChat is a product; it isn’t the idea of Snapchat that’s valued at 16 billion dollars, it’s the product.

If You Want To Do More Than Dream, You Need To Build A Product

A product is simply the execution of an idea.

Not just thinking about the app, but building it. Not just figuring out how you can make some tool better, but prototyping and selling it. Not just coming up with a great idea for a business, but starting it.

That’s why your idea is worthless. It’s the execution that’s everything.

Execution is the sole reason why startups get funding. It has nothing to do with the connections that a founder has; that only gets their foot in the door. To get the check that you think you need, the investors need to think the idea is good, but more than that, they need to know that you have th…

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