Strength, Endurance, and Health


Recently I have made a pretty drastic switch in my training/fitness life. It has been met with questions, opposition, teasing, warnings, concern, and a few other things, so I wanted to share my current training focus and reasoning in this blog.

Over the past many years I have been competing in the sport of Powerlifting. It has been one of the best things I have ever done and has been a very fulfilling part of my life. As an athlete all of my childhood and teenage years I had seemed to lose the competitive spirit.

When I started competing in the sport of Powerlifting I could honestly say I was underpowered. I looked fit, but didn’t have the  appropriate strength for my level of training. Over the years I had a mission to pursue strength as my primary purpose. After each powerlifting meet I reassessed my goals and set newer strength goals, continually raising my standards. In a few short years I went from a guy that had a 325lb deadlift and 285b squat, to squatting 551 and deadlifting 540. These numbers to some seem enormously strong, and to others in the powerlifting world these numbers are called warm ups. To me they were called maxes and I earned every ounce of them. I left everything out on the platform when I hit these numbers. The difference was, when I hit that 551lb squat it was one of the first times I had to take a step back and say, “do I want to squat more than this”? And the answer was “I don’t know right now.” It felt awesome…

What do you think?