The benefits of walking to work


While I was off sick patiently waiting for my broken bones to fuse back together, I did a lot of sitting on my arse. And I really do mean a lot.

The most exercise I got each day was the two minute walk to the shop to pick up chocolate/pizza/chips/cake/anything with a satisfyingly high enough comfort-food rating, or if I was feeling really energetic, the very careful and ultimately achey walk to the doctors wearing my sling.

Hubs was working away for most of the weeks I was off, and I couldn’t comfortably use a computer to do a big online shop. Carrying heavy bags home from the supermarket was obviously out of the question, so I (quite happily, actually) succumbed to a life of sugary, fatty, processed food and a non-stop Breaking Bad binge.

Of course this couldn’t go on forever.

Loving the power #walk to work while I can’t get on the #bike. Time to think, listen to music, and work up a mini sweat before sitting on my arse at my desk for 8 hours 👌🏽A video posted by @fitbits_tess on Jun 14, 2016 at 12:48am PDT

I’ve been back at work for just over two weeks, and because I’m still not allowed to ride my bike I’ve had to start walking into work. Anyone who knows me will know that for as long as…

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