The Official Strategy Guide to the Game of L.I.F.E.


Welcome to the greatest game ever created.

Like other successful games like World of Warcraft, Destiny, or Everquest, this game is always online. But it’s always offline, too.

At any point in time, there are over 7+ BILLION people playing.

Often applauded for its realism, known for its punishing but rewarding skill system, and regularly accused of being unfair, it’s the best selling game of all time.

In this game, L.I.F.E. (kind of an unoriginal title), you’re forced into a random starting character and have to complete a period of mandatory leveling up. After that though, you are free to choose your profession, develop your skill trees, and pick the quests YOU want to do.

I’m no expert at this game – In fact, there’s quite a bit about it I don’t know yet – but I wanted to put together a guide on the basics to make sure you’re enjoying it too. Fully understanding a few of the game’s mechanisms could make playing a WHOLE lot more fun.

Selecting your Character

Strategy_Guide_select character

In an interesting twist on the modern video game, instead of getting to fully customize the look, height, race, and shape of your character at the start, this is all randomly determined a…

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