You Need to Change the Way You Think About Success in Fitness


Once in a while, I’d get a message from a younger coach, asking me how to become successful, and then I’d start grinning like a little kid on his birthday.

It’s humbling as heck to be perceived as “successful” by your peers. The first time I got that question I asked myself, “Hold on, when did I become successful?” Truly puzzled, I went back through my diary, but didn’t see a day or a time when I had noted my arrival at “success.”

In reality, I don’t think there is just one indicator.

I wish it were just one thing that could make me successful. Likewise, I wish I could get just one certification to make me successful. But it’s actually been a culmination of putting in the hours for days, months, and years; believing that my hard work will eventually pay off because others aren’t willing to do the same; and being honest and real with people.

Whatever the case, I suppose I’m some place where others want to be, but I walked a long, meandering, and oftentimes, unsexy road to get here. At the risk of sounding like the rapper Drake, I started from the bottom…

The start of my training career was really nothing special.

My life as a trainer started in 2009, when I was a 12th grader and started working for a big gym as a “memb…

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