Your Monthly Horoscope for July 2016


As the new month begins, cosmic energy seems to work in your favor. Past challenges may still make you skeptical, but if you have confidence in yourself and look at things positively, you can be an instant hit in whatever you do.

Mars, the planet of courage and initiative, which was retrograde since April 17, 2016, has become direct on June 29, 2016, which will bring fresh impetus and energy in July. This is the time to begin from where you stopped. Follow your passion and go after things that you always wanted to do. Let the renewed Mars energy in July 2016 guide you towards success.

Aries (March 21 to April 19)

This month with Mars transiting the 7th house, romantic feelings will occupy your mind. You may be surprised when somebody expresses the desire for a deeper relationship. Chances of surrendering your heart and soul to someone special are indicated by the stars. You need to grab the opportunity as you meet your dream person. With Mercury, Sun and Venus in your 3rd house, you will also be more interested in developing your talents and finding out new methods to improve your work efficiency. Your communication skills and creativity will be at all time high. You will join hands with someone important in creating the right atmosphere for personal growth. Focusing on positive side of life can really help. Meditation and yoga will help you relax and bring in positive energy. It will help you release your mental stress and…

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