Zen Habits Book Now For Sale

Source: http://zenhabits.net/book-sale/

By Leo Babauta

UPDATE: The book is now sold out. I recommend my new book, Essential Zen Habits.

I’m happy to announce that I’m offering my Zen Habits book to purchase, for the first time since I put it on Kickstarter at the end of 2014.

The book is called, “Zen Habits: Mastering the Art of Change.”

The Kickstarter campaign did extremely well, and people gave me wonderful feedback on the book. I didn’t allow anyone to buy it after that, because it was a limited, special edition.

However, I have about 500 copies sitting in a warehouse, so I thought I’d offer them to you guys! Update: I’ve now sold out. I recommend my new book, Essential Zen Habits.

Some things to know about the book:

1. It has my most important learnings about forming habits, being mindful, finding happiness, and dealing with changes in life.
2. It is a hard-copy (not digital), paperback book.
3. It is beautiful.
4. I’m very proud of it, and everyone who has given me feedback on the book has been very happy with it.
5. I won’t print any more after these sell out.

What It’s About

This book is for anyone who has struggled.

Anyone who has gone through loss, who is struggling with a major life change, who is frustrated.

Anyone who, like me, has struggled to make changes in their lives. I was stuck there 9 years ago, and I’d lost hope. Then I scraped and dug my w…

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