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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


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Talk about healthy living

2017 is a new year

I am absolutely going to achieve 3 things:

  • A healthier life – including losing weight (sound familiar this time of year?) Incredibly important. And never too late to start!
  • Master my time – to get the most out of what I am given
  • Meet my business goals – right up on the wall here to remind me

20 questions for the topics for these broadcasts. Check out the link to the personalized health assessment if you want to see all of the questions – and get your own results. See how you measure up going into 2017!

Today’s question is:

How often do you exercise each week?

  • Less than 1 hour
  • 1–2 hours
  • 2–4 hours
  • More than 4 hours

Exercise has a big impact on your overall health.

People who stay active have healthier hearts, minds, blood sugar control, better mood, and tend to live longer.

Good job making time for regular exercise! (If this is you!)

How much is enough? Experts (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) say 2-3 hours a week minimum.

You don’t have to do it all at once, 10-15 minutes at a time works just a well.

Motion = Energy

Why do we want energy?

  • We get things done
  • Improves our mood
  • Rubs off on others

Suggestions for increasing the time you spend exercising?

  • Do something fun
  • Do something with others
  • Make a commitment
  • Get consistent
  • Build healthy habits
  • Push yourself – you will feel better for it

And as always – before starting a new exercise routine – check with your doctor.


I hope this made some sense for you


Check out the health assessment to see how you are doing!

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