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Monday, January 16, 2017

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Talk about healthy living

2017 is a new year

I am absolutely going to achieve 3 things:

  • A healthier life – including losing weight (sound familiar this time of year?) Incredibly important. And never too late to start!
  • Master my time – to get the most out of what I am given
  • Meet my business goals – right up on the wall here to remind me

20 questions for the topics for these broadcasts. Check out the link to the personalized health assessment if you want to see all of the questions – and get your own results. See how you measure up going into 2017!

But today I am going to be talking about something a little different:

How would you describe your weekly exercise?

  • Light (walking, some stretching, etc.)
  • Mostly cardio (jogging, elliptical machine, etc.)
  • Moderate balance of cardio and weight training
  • Intense (interval training, weight lifting, training for marathons, etc.)

There is no right answer!

Your exercise routine depends on:

  1. Your age.Don’t go off the deep end. If you haven’t been doing much exercise, then don’t jump right into marathon training. At least right away. Your body needs to adjust to new things.

    If you are younger you can probably being doing more strenuous exercise. And that is a good thing. As we age our bodies tend to not heal themselves as quickly. So be careful.

  2. Your current physical condition.If you have been spending more time on the coach than in the gym it is going to take more time to get in shape.

    Start slowly and consistently. Build up to where you want to be.

  3. Your goals.What do you want to accomplish with your exercise program? Get fit? Bulk up? Lose Weight? Reduce stress?

    Your exercise program needs to be tailored to fit your goals. The best way to do this is to talk to a professional. A fitness trainer. You can find them at your gym. Or online.

Break it up – have some variety. Don’t continually do the exact same routine. Walk different routes. Use different equipment at the gym. Go for cardio then weights.

Push yourself – test your limits. Now don’t overdo it. But don’t be afraid to push yourself. Of course you need to consult your doctor for this part. You will get results. And feed a sense of accomplishment.

Listen to your body. It will tell you when it is too much. It will also tell you when it is not enough. Become an expert on reading your own body.

Don’t be afraid to take a break. Consistency is important to get results. But sometimes you need to take a break. Don’t take too long of a break. But in the long run it can be the best thing to maximize your overall progress.

Ask your doctor before jumping in.


I hope this made some sense for you


Check out the health assessment to see how you are doing!

See you next time.

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