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Lose Weight App – Your Smartphone And Your Diet

Is there such a thing as a lose weight app? There are plenty. Pull out your phone right now and see.

Lose weight app

Now for the fun part. At least if you like tech things. And who doesn’t these days?

You will want to find some great tracking apps to keep track of what you eat. There are plenty out there. And many great ones are free.

Now the weight loss program you are with may have their own. But even so, check the app store and see what is new.

This is where losing weight can almost be like a game. Tracking what you eat is not only fun. But it is incredibly useful.

Not only will you see the calories you are taking in. But you will be able to measure it against your goals. You can see how many calories you have yet to eat today. Or maybe how many you need to shave off tomorrow.Lose Weight App

Now these apps are getting better and better all the time. That is why I don’t necessarily want to give a bunch of links here. Because something newer is always coming out. And that is what you want.

You will be amazed at the amount of detail they can provide. And how they can be used to track and motivate you on your weight loss journey.

One of my favorite features is scanning what I eat. That’s right, those little bar codes can used for all kinds of things. Like telling you if that is something you should be putting in your mouth in the first place. I am waiting to find the app that makes noise when I go over the limit. They are probably out there. Or should be.

So have some fun here and checking out the lose weight app. It isn’t like the olden days when the best you could do was get a food scale and weigh everything. We have come a long way since then. Tech is your friend when you decide to lose weight. And we can’t say that about many things.


iPhone and iPad Apps for Fitness

There is an iPhone/iPad app for just about everything. You name it and someone has probably created one. Some are going to fun, others boring. And some are just plain popular. So they must be good. Right?

The iFitness app stands out on iTunes as one of the most popular apps – especially with it comes to getting the most out of your fitness routine.  The official description is below. But the most amazing thing to me is that there are almost 500 ratings – and 391 of them are 5 star ratings.  That is almost unheard of. App users are usually a very critical audience.  If something stinks, they are not shy about letting people know.  That is why this one stands out.

Is it right for you? Check it out and learn for yourself:



And come back and let us know by leaving a comment below.  Have fun getting fit!


*LIMITED TIME SALE* Raved about by The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News and the countless people that have made iFitness the #1 selling fitness app worldwide! Achieve your goal of getting and staying fit with iFitness!

iFitness is a comprehensive exercise database that provides clear pictures, videos and instructions – all within the palm of your hand.

Regular exercise is essential for becoming and staying fit. Experts recommend changing your workout routine regularly to keep your body from growing accustomed to the same old routine and to keep things interesting and enjoyable.

Personal trainers can be costly though, and attempting a new exercise without assistance can lead to strain or an ineffective workout. iFitness is the solution to both problems.

iFitness provides images of people performing over 300 exercises, sorted by body region or the exact muscle it targets. Simply choose a target, tap on an exercise, and you are presented with a picture of the exercise. Double tap to flip the image and reveal clearly worded instructions on the back – directing you step-by-step. For more difficult exercises, a single tap on the video icon brings up video instructions!

You can even add exercises to your custom workout list, and make several workouts for different days of the week. Are we missing an exercise? You can add your own custom exercise to ensure your complete workout is there.

Want to track your progress? Tap the log icon and easily record your progress. Your data is saved and presented to you in an easy to understand form, and can be sent to your email with just one finger tap. Why waste money on all of those separate “logging apps” that litter iTunes?

Want routines you can perform? Our registered fitness experts have included 20 routines that target everything from weight loss to strength building. For those who travel, there is even an equipment-free routine for you.

Beautifully designed, iFitness looks and functions as a real iphone/ipod application should. Don’t be fooled by our competitors – there is a reason we are #1. Exercises range from using free weights, cables, machines, exercise balls to even no equipment!


• over 300 unique exercises (more than any other application)
• clear images of people doing every exercise & full text instructions
• 175 (and quickly growing) number of video instructions for each exercise
• cleverly designed logging feature to record and track your progress
• ability to add your own exercise and track it
• exercises ordered by body region they target (abs, arms, back, etc), exact muscle they workout or the equipment they use
• ability to create MULTIPLE customized workouts
• 20 routines with varying goals (weight loss, strength, ab definition, golf program, etc)
• ability to email workout logs to yourself in csv and pdf format
• add custom photo for exercises from iPhone’s camera or photo library
• graph your workout results to give yourself the encouraging boost you need
• stop-watch timer to keep track of your resting time between sets
• weight monitor/bmi calculator/measurements recorder to keep track of your progress and graph the results
• FREE unlimited backup & restore to iFitness server to keep all your iFitness data secure
• ability to track MULTIPLE users
• Supports imperial and metric units (e.g. lb/kg)
• Full iOS4 multitasking support


• lowest price around
• images/videos of real people (not confusing illustrations/animations)
• usable interface and design that can actually be used in a gym
• detailed exercise guide, routines, & tracking – all other apps only offer one of the three!
• built in weight tracker app
• built in BMI calculator/tracker
• built in body measurements tracker
• built in backup & restore option
• ability to track MULTIPLE users
• Full iOS4 multitasking support