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How Much Weight Would You Like to Lose Before Summer?

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Summer is coming up.  Sooner than we think.  And I am like a lot of people – I would feel a better if I was a few pounds lighter when it shows up.

I like summer because it is bright and sunny.  And while no one is going to be seeing me at the beach in Speedos, I want to be wearing cargo pants and a t-shirt and not have to think that it would be nice to be thinner.  So now is the time to make the commitment – start now and over the next few weeks I can lose that extra weight.

My goal is to lose 20 pounds before the 4th of July.

I know I can do it.   It just takes the effort and the right program.

What about you?  How much weight would you like to lose before summer?  Be honest and realistic and public  Post your goal in the comments below to let everyone know.  Of course we won’t report on your progress but you can come back and update us as you work towards that summer goal.

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Good luck and get started today!

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