4 Simple Ways to Break the Meathead Archetype

Source: http://romanfitnesssystems.com/articles/meatheads/

That classic meathead archetype: we all know him. 

Hell, at some point we’ve probably all been him, right?

It’s easy to become one-dimensional, to fall into that meathead archetype. 

I know, because I’ve been there.

At 22, I’d just graduated college where I’d spent the last four years living the life of a BMOC. Heading home after graduation, we’d just hopped on the highway when I told my girlfriend:

“I’ll never be that guy again”.

She didn’t believe how serious I was. 

But things had to change. 

Upon arriving at my new home, I stayed true to my word and made massive changes to my daily habits and behaviors. 

I cut out drinking.
I started my own fitness business without any clients.
I got rid of most of my friends.
I worked 10 hours a day and studied another 4-6.

Inspiring books, such as Gary Vaynerchuk’s Crush It and Chris Gillebeau’s The Art Of Non-Conformity fueled me and my new work ethic.

I was all in.

These efforts paid off as my business grew many times over; it gave me more experience than any MBA could buy…but it still wasn’t enough. 

Sitting there in my gym one night, all alone on a Saturday night, I asked myself, “Is this it? Is there all there is for me?”

I’d traded social activity, currency, and relationships for being a …

What do you think?