Leigh Peele Unplugged: What’s Wrong and Right in Health and Fitness

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leigh peele unpluggedShe is a nutrition ninja.

She has reverence for research.

She is a master of fat loss.

She loves animals.

She can captivate you as you she jams out on her guitar and sings (practically) any song you request.

And, thankfully, I can call her a friend.

I’m referring to the one and only Leigh Peele and she joins me in this week’s educational and most certainly entertaining episode of The Nia Shanks Show.

Leigh discusses what’s wrong, and very right, in health and fitness. We also dive into other (entertaining!) topics and reveal a project Leigh calls You Need to Hear This. Get this in your ears; you’ll be glad you did.

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Show Notes for Episode 8 with Leigh Peele:

2:15 – Leigh’s “new direction” and what’s in store for the future. What she thinks is missing in health and fitness, specifically for women.
9:00 – Why proper debates can be exceedingly beneficial. The power of rational thought!
15:00 – Some of the current things that are going wrong with the health and fitness industry.

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