Tony is Critical of CrossFit, But Should He Be?


Relax. My ego hasn’t ballooned to the point where I now refer to myself (and my posts) in the third person. Although I do kinda like the sound of it:

Tony is critical of washing the dishes and putting them away, but should he be?

Tony thinks Audi should sponsor this website, preferably by giving him a car.
Tony’s birthday is today, and he’s going to deadlift and eat bacon. He feels November 30th should permanently be referred to as National Deadlift and Bacon Day.7

As it happens today’s post is a guest post by personal trainer, Travis Pollen, who used me as his subject matter (hence the title).

Brilliant if you ask me.

Travis has written for this site before, on innovative ways to include bands in your training, and he’s back today with a look into CrossFit and how it’s helped influence the way we program.

FYI: Travis recently released a new e-book, 50 Fit Tips (available for free HERE), in which he advocates for a unique blend of powerlifting, bodybuilding, kettlebells, and CrossFit to help readers look, feel, and move better.

Tony is Critical of CrossFit, But Should He Be?

The short answer to the question posed in the title of this post is yes. Of course Tony should be critical of CrossFit. Exercises like rebounding box jumps, GHD sit-ups, and overhe…

What do you think?