4 Dance-Inspired Bodyweight Moves You Can Do Anywhere

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Fact: Burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers, and planks are all great bodyweight moves that can whip you into shape in no time. Another fact? Sometimes they get boring.

Not all of us were born to love bootcamp-style workouts. And thanks to creative trainers like Nicole Winhoffer, we don’t have to. The self-proclaimed fitness artist (and Madonna’s former trainer) is known for her mega-creative routines, emphasis on the mental aspects of exercise, and unique training style that combines dance with bodyweight strength moves. As Winhoffer says, “You won’t get results by just doing a movement—you have to connect to it by thinking about it and feeling it too.”

To give you a beginner-friendly taste of her signature style, we asked Winhoffer for her go-to moves when she only has 20 minutes to work out. The resulting routine (below) requires no equipment, though you do need a wall for the last move. Consider doing a full-body warm-up first or just put on your fave jams and freestyle.

The Workout

Directions: Perform each move in order for 60 seconds with the right leg only with no rest between…

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