Coping with Loss and Heartbreak: How to Get Through the Pain


Broken Heart

“The unendurable is the beginning of the curve of joy.” ~Djuna Barnes

November, 2014. A story you’ve heard a million times. The person I believed with all my heart to be “the one” ceased to feel the same way about me.

My heart and soul shattered, I had no desire to live, the whole works.

Having your heart broken, especially by someone you truly loved is, from my perspective, the worst kind of pain there is. It makes you lose all sense of self, reality, purpose, and faith. To me, it felt like my soul was being severed into teeny tiny pieces.

When we’re in that much pain, it seems like it’s going to be a forever deal. We forget that it’s all temporary.

To make matters worse, we feel we’re all alone in it—we are rushed to “just move on already” when we can barely find enough energy to open our eyes.

So keep in mind that there is no shame about the situation that is most painful to you and how long you’re taking to process it.

You could be facing your darkest hour brought by the death of your pet fish. Or by the fact you didn’t get that dream job.

Whatever the situation is, do not compare or believe your pain is less legitimate than others: your journey here is your own, and it is just as sacred as that of someone you …

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