Postmates Adventures


Thank you to Postmates for sponsoring this post!

Funny story: a few years ago, Matt and I were at a wedding with a bunch of my grad school friends. We had all just spent hours sweating up a storm on the dance floor and decided to order some late night food. The only thing we could think of that delivered was pizza. Matt said: “I have the Dominos app on my phone – we can use that!” Immediately after he said that he looked over at me all sheepish – turns out his secret dude routine was to order Dominos on weekends I was out of town. Lol!

He said he used their app simply because it was easy to use, but that he’d order healthier stuff if it was an option/just as easy. So when I was invited to try Postmates, a cool on-demand delivery platform that delivers ANYTHING anywhere, I figured this was the perfect way for Matt to broaden his home food delivery options a bit. 😉 Postmates is on web and mobile too! You can download it on the app store here. Use promo code fannetastic8 to get $10 in delivery (new customers only).

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